BS 499-1:2009

BS 499-1:2009

Welding terms and symbols. Glossary for welding, brazing and thermal cutting

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Product details for BS 499-1:2009

Publication date: 2009-01-06

Product detail: 154 pages

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 58471 8

Cross references to standards relating to BS 499-1:2009: BS 499-1:Supplement:1992, IEC 60050-851:1991, BS 499-2c, BS EN 1011-1, BS EN 1792, BS EN 13622, BS EN 22553, BS EN ISO 14555, BS EN ISO 15607, BS EN ISO 17659, BS ISO 857-2, PD CEN/TR 14599, ISO 857-1, ISO/DIS 25239-1

Keywords: Welding, Brazing, Thermal cutting, Vocabulary, Welding with pressure, Fusion welding, Braze welding, Testing, Welded joints, Defects, Occupational safety

Variations and abbreviations: BS499-1:2009,BS499,BS 499
Standards in the BS 499 series:  BS 499-2C:1999   BS 499-1:2009   BS 499-1:Supplement:1992