BS 5255

BS 5255:1989

Specification for thermoplastics waste pipe and fittings

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Product details for BS 5255 (BS 5255 1989)

Publication date: 2009-02-25

Product detail: 20 pages

ISBN reference: 0 580 17363 1

Cross references to standards relating to BS 5255:1989: BS 21, BS 1755:Part 1, BS 2494, BS 2779, BS 2782:Part 1:Method 120A to 120E, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1101A, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1102A, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1102B, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1103A, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1108A, BS 2782:Part 11:Mehtod 1109A, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1112A, BS 3380, BS 3412, BS 3943, BS 4118, BS 4514, BS 4778:Part 1, BS 4778:Part 2, BS 4935, BS 5139, BS 5254, BS 5572, BS 5750:Part 5, BS 6209, ISO 1043/1, Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Building Regulations

Keywords: Pipes, Waste-water drainage, Drainage, Thermoplastic polymers, Polymers, Plastics, Pipe fittings, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, Polyvinyl chloride, Dimensions, Size, Thickness, Pipe caps, Pipe connections, Pipe couplings, Reducing couplings, Bend couplings, Screwed fittings, Impact testing, Impact strength, Stress corrosion, Leak tests, Softening point, Thermal-cycling tests, Thermal testing, Marking, Quality control, Testing conditions, Test equipment, Performance, Corrosion tests, Chemical-resistance tests, Dimensional changes, Domestic

Variations and abbreviations: BS5255:1989,BS5255,BS 5255