BS 5378

BS 5378-2:1980

Safety signs and colours. Specification for colorimetric and photometric properties of materials

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Product details for BS 5378 (BS 5378-2 1980)
Category: Colour coding

Publication date: 2008-03-18

Product detail: 12 pages, A4

ISBN reference: 0 580 11507 0

Cross references to standards relating to BS 5378-2:1980: BS 381C, BS 873, BS 4011, BS 4800, BS 4900, BS 4901, BS 5252, BS 5378:Part 1, CIE 7, CIE 15, CIE 17, 77/576/EEC

Keywords: Safety colours, Signs, Safety, Safety measures, Warning devices, Safety devices, Size, Colour, Chromaticity, Luminance, Fluorescent materials, Reflection factor, Height, Letters (symbols)

Variations and abbreviations: BS5378-2:1980,BS5378,BS 5378
Abstract for BS 5378-2:1980
Specifies the properties of materials used for safety signs as specified in Part 1.

Standards in the BS 5378 series:  BS 5378-2:1980   BS EN ISO 5378:1994