BS 7533-4:2006

BS 7533-4:2006

Pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers. Code of practice for the construction of pavements of precast concrete flags or natural stone slabs

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Publication date: 2008-02-27

Product detail: 32 pages

ISBN reference: 0 580 49377 6

Cross references to standards relating to BS 7533-4:2006: BS 6100-2, BS 7533-1:2001, BS 7533-2:2001, BS 7533-3:2005, BS 7533-8, BS 7533-11, BS 7533-12, BS EN 206-1, BS EN 998-2:2003, BS EN 1338:2003, BS EN 1339:2003, BS EN 1341:2001, BS EN 1342:2001, BS EN 12620:2002, BS EN 13286-49, Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, Volume 1: Specification for Highway Works, BS EN 445:1997, BS EN 1015-11, BS EN 1015-12, DIN 18555-6

Keywords: Pavements (roads), Pavers, Paved areas, Roads, Block flooring, Precast concrete, Concretes, Stone, Prefabricated parts, Paving slabs, Kerbs, Construction systems parts, Pedestrian roads, Grading (quality), Edge, Road surfacing, Compacting, Road bases, Base courses, Wearing courses (roads), Surfacing (exterior spaces), Thickness, Installation

Variations and abbreviations: BS7533-4:2006,BS7533,BS 7533
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