BS 7909

BS 7909:2008

Code of practice for temporary electrical systems forentertainment and related purposes

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Product details for BS 7909 (BS 7909 2008)
Category: Electricity supply systems

Publication date: 2009-03-19

Product detail: 110 pages, A4

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 67332 0

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Keywords: Electric power systems, Electric power distribution, Temporary electrical installations, Entertainment facilities, Events, Alternating current, Lighting systems, Lighting equipment, Location lighting, Television equipment, Cinematography, Theatrical equipment, Design, Installation, Consumer-supplier relations, Electric power distribution points, Electric generators, Protected electrical equipment, Circuits, Earthing, Electric connectors, Electric plugs, Electric sockets, Electric cables, Personnel, Safety measures, Electrical safety, Switchgear, Electric control equipment, Environment (working), Inspection, Electrical testing, Performance testing, Lightning protection, Electrostatics, Fault currents, Electrical equipment, Electrical components, Management,

Variations and abbreviations: BS7909:2008,BS7909,BS 7909
Standards in the BS 7909 series:  BS 7909:2008   BS 7909:2011