BS 8020

BS 8020:2002

Tools for live working. Insulating hand tools for work on or near conductor rail systems operating at voltages up to 1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c.

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Product details for BS 8020 (BS 8020 2002)
Category: Protection against electric shock. Live working

Publication date: 2007-10-01

Product detail: 18 pages, A4

ISBN reference: 0 580 37728 8

Cross references to standards relating to BS 8020:2002: BS 876:1995, BS 1421:1995, BS 2589:1995, BS 2945:1995, BS 3388, BS EN 50163:1996, BS EN 60900:1998

Keywords: Hand tools, Live working, Electrical protection equipment, Electrical insulation, Electrical insulation devices, Electrical safety, Railway track, Rail safety, Rated voltage, Direct current, Alternating current, Conductor rails Railway applications

Variations and abbreviations: BS8020:2002,BS8020,BS 8020
Standards in the BS 8020 series:  BS 8020:2002   BS 8020:2011   BS ISO 8020:2002