BS EN 12004:2007

BS EN 12004:2007

Adhesives for tiles. Requirements, evaluation of conformity, classification and designation

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Product details for BS EN 12004:2007

Publication date: 2007-12-19

Product detail: 28 pages

ISBN reference: 0000000000978

Cross references to standards relating to BS EN 12004:2007: EN 1308, EN 1324:2007, EN 1346, EN 1347, EN 1348:2007, EN 12002, EN 12003:1997, EN 12808-1, EN 13501-1, EN 14411, EN ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2000, 89/106/EEC, 93/68/EEC

Keywords: Adhesives, Tiles, Flooring tiles, Wall tiles, Ceramics, Terminology, Adhesive strength, Performance, Internal, External, Binding agents, Plastics, Polymers, Dispersions (chemical), Conformity, Type testing

Variations and abbreviations: BS12004:2007,BS12004,BS 12004
Standards in the BS 12004 series:  BS EN 12004:2007   BS EN 12004:2007+A1:2012   BS EN ISO 12004-2:2008   BS EN ISO 12004-1:2008