BS EN 62496-1:2009
BS EN 62496-1:2009
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Product detail: 28 pages

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 58435 0

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Keywords: Fibre optics, Printed-circuit boards, Optical fibres, Circuits, Electronic equipment and components, Optoelectronic devices, Fibre optic connectors, Classification systems, Specification (approval), Specifications, Identification methods, Marking,

Variations and abbreviations: BS62496-1:2009,BS62496,BS 62496
Standards in the BS 62496 series:  BS EN 62496-2:2017   BS EN 62496-2-4:2013   BS EN 62496-2-2:2011   BS EN 62496-4:2011   BS EN 62496-3:2011  

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