ISO 19902

BS EN ISO 19902:2007

Petroleum and natural gas industries. Fixed steel offshore structures

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Product details for ISO 19902 (ISO 19902 2007)

Publication date: 2008-01-22

Product detail: 642 pages

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 58288 2

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Keywords: Petroleum technology, Natural gas, Petroleum extraction, Natural gas extraction, Offshore construction works, Maritime structures, Fixed, Steels, Structures, Structural systems, Structural design, Loading, Structural members, Foundations, Oceanography, Corrosion protection, Welding, Quality control, Inspection, Transportation

Variations and abbreviations: BS19902:2007,BS19902,ISO 19902:2007,ISO 19902,ISO19902:2007,ISO19902,BS 19902
Standards in the BS 19902 series:  BS EN ISO 19902:2007   BS EN ISO 19902:2007+A1:2013