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09/30205773 DC
PD IEC/TR 62153-4-1. Metallic communication cable test methods. Part 4-1. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Introduction to electromagnetic (EMC) screening measurements
12/30239392 DC
BS IEC/TR 62713. Safety procedures for reduction of risk outside a structure
12/30268842 DC
PD IEC/TR 62725. Analysis of quantification methodologies for greenhouse gas emissions for electrical and electronic products and systems
12/30273007 DC
PD IEC/TR 61916. Electrical accessories. Harmonization of general rules
13/30284618 DC
PD ISO/IEC/TR 38502. Information Technology. Governance of IT. Framework and Model
14/30312943 DC
PD IEC/TR 61000-1-7. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 1-7. General. Power factor in single phase systems under non-sinusoidal conditions
15/30320941 DC
PD IEC/TR 61243-6. Live working. Voltage detectors. Part 6. Guidelines on non-contact voltage detectors (NCVD) for use at nominal voltages above 1 kV a.c.
16/30351616 DC
PD IEC/TR 63097. Smart Grid Roadmap
IEC TR 60664-2-2:2002
IEC/TR60664-2-2 : 2002 Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems. Part 2: Interface considerations. Section 2: Application guide
IEC TR 60728-6-1:2006
IEC/TR60728-6-1 : 2006 Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services. Part 6-1: System guidelines for analogue optical transmission systems
IEC TR 61258:2008
IEC/TR 61258 Guidelines for the development and use of medical electrical equipment educational materials
IEC TR 61592:2003
IEC/TR61592 : 2003 Household electrical appliances - Guidelines for consumer panel testing
IEC TR 61800-6:2003
IEC/TR61800-6 : 2003 Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems -. Part 6: Guide for determination of types of load duty and corresponding current rating
IEC TR 61963:2005
IEC/TR61963 : 2005 Nuclear power plants - Main control rooms - comparison of IEC 60964 to similar standards on control room design
IEC TR 62235:2005
IEC/TR62235 : 2005 Technical report - Instrument and Control Systems (I&C) of interim storage and final repository of nuclear fuel and waste
IEC TR 62251:2003
IEC/TR62251 : 2003 Multimedia systems and equipment - Quality assessment - Audio-video communication systems
IEC TR 62422:2007
IEC/TR62422 : 2007 Environmental characterization of insulating materials
IEC TR 62432:2006
IEC/TR62432 : 2006 The rH index in aqueous and aqueous-organic media
IEC TR 62482:2008
IEC/TR 62482 Electrical installations in ships - Electromagnetic compatibility - Optimising of cable installations on ships - Testing method of routing distance
IEC/TR 60755:2008 Ed 2
General requirements for residual current operated protective devices
IEC/TR 61838:2001
BS IEC/TR 61838:2001
Nuclear power plants. Use of probabilistic safety asessment for the classification of instrumentation and control functions
IEC/TR 61869-103:2012 ED1
Instrument transformers. The use of instrument transformers for power quality measurement
IEC/TR 62271-310:2008 Ed 2
IEC/TR62271-310 : 2008 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 310. Electrical endurance testing for circuit- breakers above a rated voltage of 52 kV
IEC/TR 62627-06:2014 ED1
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Mechanical design proving nutation test results for reinforced fibre cable terminated with optical connectors for high density patching applications
ISO/IEC /TR 29138-1:2009 Ed 1
Information technology. Accessibility considerations for people with disabilities. User needs summary
ISO/IEC TR 24800-1:2007 Ed 1
ISO/IEC/TR24800 : 2007 Information technology - JPSearch. Part 1:System framework and components
ISO/IEC/TR 12861:2009 Ed 1
Information technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - Identification and routing
ISO/IEC/TR 26927:2011 Ed 2
Information technology. Telecommunications and information exchange between systems. Corporate telecommunication networks. Mobility for enterprise communications
ISO/IEC/TR 29110-1:2011 Ed 1
Software engineering. Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs). Overview
ISO/IEC/TR 29110-3:2011 Ed 1
Software engineering. Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs). Assessment guide

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