BS 8004:2015
BS 8004:2015
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Publication date: 2015-06-30

Product detail: 114 pages

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 86679 1

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Keywords: Foundations, Caissons, Soil mechanics, Structural systems, Grouting, Cofferdams, Pad foundations, Subaqueous foundations, Settlement (foundations), Loading, Wells, Legislation, Site investigations, Piles, Diving, Shallow foundations, Shoring, Diving-bells, Dynamic loading, Soil bearing capacity, Raft foundations, Soil surveys, Bibliography, Concretes, Corrosion, Occupational safety, Excavations, Ground movement, Climatic loading, Stabilized soils, Deep foundations, Underwater construction works, Underwater technology, Ground water, Wood preservation, Design, Strip foundations, Buildings, Demolition, Pile driving, Liquid flow, Piling, Ground-water drainage, Metals, Soils, Construction operations, Pneumatic equipment, Underpinning, Durability, Structural timber, Structural design, Construction materials, Steels, Factor of safety, Pile foundations, Pumps, Chemical-resistant materials, Rocks

Variations and abbreviations: BS8004:2015,BS8004,BS 8004
Standards in the BS 8004 series:  BS 8004:1986   BS 8004:2015  

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