BS EN 1493:1999+A1:2008
BS EN 1493:1999+A1:2008
Product details for BS EN 1493:1999+A1:2008
Category: Diagnostic, maintenance and test equipment

Publication date: 2009-07-03

Product detail: 58 pages, A4

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 61612 9

Cross references to standards relating to BS EN 1493:1999+A1:2008: EN 414:1992, EN 954-1:1996, EN 982:1996, EN 983:1996, EN 1760-2, EN 10025:1990, EN 60204-1:1992, EN 60529:1992, EN 60947-5-1:1991, EN ISO 12100-1:2003, ISO 12100-1:2003, EN ISO 12100-2:2003, ISO 12100-2:2003, EN ISO 13850:2008, ISO 13850:2006, 98/37/EC, 98/79/EC, 2006/42/EC

Keywords: Vehicles, Lifting equipment, Lifts, Hoists, Road vehicles, Goods lifts, Goods hoists, Scissor lifts, Stationary, Mobile, Design, Hazards, Safety measures, Equipment safety, Control devices, Safety devices, Breaking load, Factor of safety, Wind loading, Stability, Loading, Mechanical transmission systems, Ropes, Wire ropes, Lifting chains, Materials handling components, Hydraulic transmission systems, Pneumatic transmission systems, Chain drives, Gear drives, Flexible drives, Locking and locating devices, Electrical equipment, Clearances, Verification, Performance testing, Instructions for use, Technical documents, Structural design, Mathematical calculations, Stress analysis, Design calculations, Structural steels, Control switches, Position, Brakes, Leak tests

Variations and abbreviations: BS1493:1999+A1:2008,BS1493,BS 1493
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