BS EN 16907-5:2018
BS EN 16907-5:2018
Product details for BS EN 16907-5:2018

Publication date: 2018-12-13

Product detail: 22 pages

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 87079 8

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Keywords: Statistical quality control, Management techniques, Quality control, Performance, Management, Embankments, Land retention works, Inspection, Retaining walls, Quality assurance, Tunnels, Earth fills, Inspection by attributes, Soil science, Excavations, Railway fixed equipment, Control charts, Earthworks

Variations and abbreviations: BS16907-5:2018,BS16907,BS 16907
Standards in the BS 16907 series:  BS EN 16907-1:2018   BS EN 16907-6:2018   BS EN 16907-3:2018   BS EN 16907-4:2018   BS EN 16907-2:2018  

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