ISO 4957:2018
ISO 4957:2018
Product details for ISO 4957:2018

Publication date: 2018-07-18

Product detail: 42 pages

ISBN reference: 978 0 580 93315 8

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Keywords: Steels, High-speed tool steels, Compositional tolerances, Heat treatment, Inspection, Designations, Wrought steels, Hardness testing, Grades (quality), Test specimens, Distribution curves, Temperature, Tool steels, Chemical composition, Forgings, Surface treatment, Production processes, Verification, Tempering

Variations and abbreviations: BS4957:2018,BS4957,ISO 4957:2018,ISO 4957,ISO4957:2018,ISO4957,BS 4957
Standards in the BS 4957 series:  BS EN ISO 4957:2018   BS EN ISO 4957:2000  

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